Fire Foundation to Go Dormant for a Year

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The Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation has initiated procedures to go dormant for a year, starting March 1, 2018. The organization is taking this step, in part because a new fire chief will be coming aboard sometime in 2018 and that person should have some time to decide his/her priorities in conjunction with the firefighters. In addition, there are some health issues faced by the leadership of the Foundation that need urgent attention.

Going dormant is a legal condition wherein the Foundation retains its non-profit status and pays its recurring bills, but it does not meet to conduct business. During the year it will not be contributing to the fire department, but it may still collect funds to use when it comes out of dormancy. In March of 2019 the board members will meet to decide if the Foundation should become active, remain dormant, or dissolve. Present indications are that this organization will become active again.

Go Bags” Put to Good Use

“ When the Manhattan Beach firefighters were deployed to serve on the strike teams for the fall 2017 Santa Barbara fires, many of them grabbed their “go bags” as they were leaving. These are large bags which were purchased by the Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation so that the firefighters can have their personal items pre-packed when they must leave quickly to help with an emergency. The Foundation, which was formed in late 2015, supports the fire department by helping to invest in equipment, training programs, and public outreach.


Foundation Supports Firefighter Attendance at Leadership Academy

The Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation is pleased to announce it will be funding a firefighter to attend the Los Angeles Area Fire Leadership Academy The firefighter will participate in a number of sessions between September 2017 and March 2018 that will cover topics such as Commitments and Habits of a Leader, Leading Self, Leading in Teams, and Leading in Organizations. The cost of the program is $3500. There are two other Manhattan Beach firefighters attending this Academy. The Fire Department is paying for them but is pleased that the Fire Foundation has agreed to support one additional person.

The Foundation has raised money to assist its local fire department by holding a kickoff event and soliciting monetary and in-kind donations. Current contributors include BLND PR, Blue Room Post, Chef’d, Chevron, Continental Development Corporation, Jeffrey Neu, Shade Hotel, Skechers, Stephen and Paula Packwood, and Wonderful Collective.

“Go Bags” Presented to Firefighters

The Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation has purchased Brush Fire Equipment Bags (commonly called “go bags”) for the city’s firefighters. These are bags firefighters can use to pack personal items such as sleeping bags, change of clothes, toiletries, and other wildlife gear. Then, when an emergency strikes, and they have only seconds to grab their necessities, they can grab their pre-packed “go bag.” The bags were given to the firefighters in the fall of 2017, and they will be particularly valuable when the firefighters need to spend up to 14 days at a difficult location in this or another county.

The bags cost $200 each, and each firefighter received one. Dedicated community members and business people founded the Foundation in late 2015 and held a launch celebration at the Shade Hotel on September 15, 2016.



Fire Foundation Receives Publicity from Local Media

Two articles have appeared recently related to the Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation.

One was in the September 10, 2016 issue of DigMB called, “Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation to Hold Launch Event.” It mentions that the Manhattan Beach Foundation is based on the successful City of Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation and also points out that the Foundation funds are not to supplement shortfalls in the City budget but rather to provide the best additional support to the firefighters.

The other article, “Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation Hosts Launch Event,” was in The Beach Reporter of September 22, 2016. It had a photo of Foundation President Jill Brunkhardt presenting a check to the firefighters and reported that about 100 people attended the launch event. Brunkhardt mentioned that the money can be used when opportunities become available without a budgeted funding source. Councilman Mark Burton, whose campaign promise helped spur the formation of the Foundation, said that when he was door knocking people kept mentioning the value of the Fire Department.


Launch Event Scheduled for September 15, 2016

Please be our guest at a reception celebrating the launch of the Manhattan Beach Fire Foundation on Thursday, September 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Shade Hotel, 1221 North Valley Drive in Manhattan Beach, California. Admittance is free for all attendees!

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